"Like you, I longed for a memory beyond consolation, a memory of shadows and stone. For my part I struggled, every day with all my might against the horror of no longer understanding the reason to remember. Like you, I forgot."
Hiroshima Mon Amour, Marguerite Duras (via man-of-prose)

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Illustration by Jo In Hyuk
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Your responses as poetry of thought. 
"The problem is you’ve been told and not told. That’s what I’ve seen while I’ve been here. You’ve been told but none of you really understand. So I’ve decided I’ll talk to you in a way that you will understand. Do you know what happens to children when they grow up? No, you don’t, because nobody knows."

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Guy Billout

Polyester 2014, shoot by Arvida Byström.

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Shijimi with lipstick, Tokyo, 1994 by Nan Goldin from I’ll Be Your Mirror
"It’s just hard to see people from your past when your present is so cataclysmically fucked."
Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I Leave You (via anamorphosis-and-isolate)